schematic of constructed pond/wetland
Constructed ponds and constructed wetlands are examples of sedimentation practices. (Source: CDM Smith).

Sedimentation is the process by which solids are removed from the water column by settling. Sedimentation practices include dry ponds, wet ponds, wet vaults, and other devices. Areas treated by these BMPs range from small for hydrodynamic practices to very large by constructed ponds and constructed wetlands. These BMPs provide temporary storage of stormwater runoff and allow suspended solids to settle and be retained by the stormwater treatment practice. Pollutants that are integrated into or sorbed onto the settled solids will also be retained. These BMPs are effective at removing total suspended solids (TSS) and any pollutant adsorbed to the solids. They are not effective in removing soluble pollutants. They typically do not provide any volume reduction.

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