This table shows summarizes specifications for permeable pavement.
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Permeable Pavers Surface open area: typically 5% to 15%; minimum thickness: 3 inches for vehicles; minimum compressive strength: 8,000 psi Concrete pavers conform to ASTM C936 and clay pavers C1272. Reservoir layer required to support the structural load.
Pervious Concrete
  • Void content: 15% to 35 %
  • Thickness: typically 5 to 8 inches
May not require a reservoir layer to support loads, but a layer is required for storage/infiltration. In no case should plain steel rebar or mesh be used in pervious concrete as this invites corrosion.
Porous Asphalt
  • Void content: 16% to 20 %
  • Thickness: minimum 2.5 inch surface
Reservoir layer contributes to structural load support.

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