In 2022 the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency conducted a survey to determine how street sweeping wastes are being managed and what challenges exist for managing sweeping material. We did not produce a report summarizing the results of this survey, but below are the documents from the survey and a PowerPoint presentation that provides information on managing wastes. Slides 7 and 8 on that PowerPoint provide charts summarizing some of the results of this survey. The following general conclusions can be drawn from the survey.

  • 100 responses, all but 2 from cities
  • About 40 percent of survey respondents landfill their sweeping material, 25 percent screen it, and 20 percent landfill or screen depending on the season.
  • Organics in the sweeping material are used as cover, provided to residents, or given away (about 30 percent of respondents for each of these).
  • Only 20 percent of respondents stated that collecting increased material would not represent a concern for them, with the remainder indicating it will create a moderate to significant issue.
  • The biggest challenges in managing additional sweeper material are space, cost, and staff, with use options and sorting being less significant concerns.

Survey documents

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