TMDL model comparison matrix
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Comparison categories Water quality model
P8 MIDS calculator MPCA Simple Estimator WinSLAMM
Relative input complexity High Medium Low High
Public domain Yes Yes Yes No
TSS modeled Yes Yes Yes Yes
TP modeled Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volume reduction modeled Yes Yes Yes Yes
Model time step Event/continuous Annual Annual Event
Pollutant Loading Methodology EMC & Buildup/ Wash-off Simple method Simple method EMC & Buildup/ Wash-off
Pollutant removal methodology Physically based Empirical Empirical Physically-based / Empirical
Pollutant Removal Mechanisms Filtration, Sedimentation, Infiltration Empirically based Empirically based Filtration, Sedimentation, Infiltration
Capable of evaluating bypass from undersized BMPs? Yes Only for volume-reduction BMPs No Yes
Capable of modeling removal from BMPs in series? Yes Only for volume-reduction BMPs No Yes
GIS compatibility Low Low Low Medium
Model used for TMDL Development and Modeling Yes No No Yes
Costs - software None None None medium
Costs - model development Medium Low Low High

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