Temporary Sediment Control - Corrective Actions
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Item Corrective Action Required if Corrective Action
Silt fence
  • Wrong type installed
  • Installed in wrong location
  • Improper geotextile used
  • Insufficient geotextile embedment or weighting units
  • Insufficient compaction of soil
  • Soil turned over, loosened, or both due to inadequate equipment for sliced type
  • Inadequate fastenings
  • Incorrect post spacing
  • Inadequate intra-fence end-joint connections
  • Improperly wrapped under J-barrier
  • Silt fence left in place when no longer needed
  • Turbidity barrier missing top interconnect cable
  • Silt fence type not maintained for function or performance
  • Remove and install as shown in plan
  • Remove silt fence
  • Replace with correct geotextile
  • Reinstall silt fence or apply sandbags or aggregate toe mass
  • Compact soil with tire or plate compactor
  • Compact soil with tire or plate compactor
  • Install more zip-ties
  • Install more posts
  • Wrap geotextiles around post to provide seal; else fill gap
  • Reinstall J-barrier
  • Immediately remove silt fence
  • Install interconnect cable
  • Immediately fix the problem
Bale barriers
  • Not notched in
  • Not properly staked into the ground
  • Not properly overlain with RECP
  • Remove bales and subcut a notch
  • Add stakes of sufficient length
  • Install blanket and anchors
Filter berms
  • Damaged or compacted by equipment
  • Berm breached or bypassed
  • Improper depth to width ratio
  • Rock weeper missing filter aggregate face
  • Restore filtration function by soil loosening
  • Add fill, embed rock buttress, reconfigure drainage
  • Add more fill to conform to berm detail
  • Add coarse filter aggregate front side of flow
Floating silt curtain
  • Curtain not end anchored on land or adjacent perimeter control
  • Curtain not weighted sufficiently in water or for field conditions
  • Improper depth(s)
  • Improper in-water anchoring/tethering
  • Curtain left in water beyond temporary in-water work phase
  • Curtain too far from land edge
  • Navigation buoys not installed with flowing water type
  • Bring end of curtain onto land or close the gap
  • Install correct curtain, add anchors and cables
  • Install correct curtain depth for in-water ground contact
  • Remove and install with proper depths
  • Immediately remove and install new controls on land
  • Recover and reinstall following detail of 6 ft maximum
  • Install navigation buoys as necessary
Perimeter controls
  • Incorrect BMP for location
  • Not properly J-hooked at termination points
  • Not placed along contours when feasible
  • Wrong type installed for intended application
  • Not maintained for function
  • No redundant practice above water resource
  • Remove and install proper perimeter control
  • Remove section, install J-hook section and connect upgradient
  • Reconfigure control to match slope contour
  • Remove and install proper control
  • Immediately apply maintenance to restore function
  • Add control redundancy
Sediment control logs
  • Not staked properly resulting in undermining or movement of logs
  • Log ends not overlapped when more than one is needed in a line
  • Install additional stakes
  • Reconfigure logs for overlap
Sandbag barrier
  • Sandbags not butt end jointed to provide seal
  • Sandbags not sufficiently high
  • Sandbags not installed on contour
  • Sandbags not working as a diversion
  • Middle of sandbag dike higher than ends
  • Re-install sand bags
  • Add more sand bags in interlocked pyramid style configuration
  • Re-configure barrier to conform to contour
  • Re-install with a plastic cover wrap
  • Reconfigure placement to lower middle or extend upper ends

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