A unified framework is presented for addressing stormwater sizing criteria in the context of the MPCA Construction General Permit (CGP) and local stormwater management requirements, if chosen by the local community. The unified approach addresses five different sizing criteria, as shown below.

  • Recharge
  • Water quality
  • Channel protection
  • Over bank flooding
  • Extreme storms

The individual articles comprising this section on Unified sizing criteria may be viewed as a single article.

  1. Unified sizing criteria
  2. Recharge and infiltration criterion (Vre)
  3. Water quality criteria
  4. Channel protection criteria (Vcp)
  5. Overbank flood protection criteria (Vp10)
  6. Extreme flood control criteria (Vp100)
  7. Adapting stormwater criteria for receiving waters
  8. References for Unified Sizing Criteria
  9. Literature review summary for Unified Sizing Criteria
  10. Stormwater sizing for redevelopment projects

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