Using the MIDS Calculator to generate load reduction and WLA reporting terms
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Reporting term Individual BMPs (BMP Properties --> BMP Summary) Model-Wide Summary ("Results" Tab)
Pollutant Loading: TSS, TPP, and TDP1
Inflow Loading (lbs) "Annual [Pollutant] from direct watershed" & "upstream BMPs" "Post development annual [Pollutant] load"; (A)
Pollutant Removal (lbs) "[Pollutant] load reduction" "Annual [Pollutant] removed by BMPs"; (B)
Outflow Loading* (lbs) "[Pollutant] load outflow" (A) - (B)
Outflow Loading (ppm; mg/L) "Annual Outflow Volume" ["Post dev. annual runoff volume"] - ["Annual runoff volume removed by BMPs"]
Outflow* (acre-feet) [Outflow Loading*] / [Outflow*] x [CF2]
Watershed and Areal Loading Calculations
Contributing Watershed Area* (acres) See "Watershed" tab of BMP and all upstream BMPs See "Total Site Area" summary
Watershed pollutant areal loading (pre-treatment) (lbs/acre/year) [Watershed Loading*] / [Contributing Watershed Area*]
Outflow pollutant areal loading (post-treatment) (lbs/acre/year) [Outflow Loading*] / [Contributing Watershed Area*]

TSS=total suspended solids; TPP=total particulate phosphorus; TDP=total dissolved phosphorus
2CF = Conversion factor to convert to ppm; mg/L units = 0.367733624

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