The information below provides links to several tables listing characteristics of tree species that are suitable as stormwater Best Management Practices. The list of trees does not include all trees suitable for stormwater management, but the list encompasses the most common trees used.

Green Infrastructure: Trees can be an important tool for retention and detention of stormwater runoff. Trees provide additional benefits, including cleaner air, reduction of heat island effects, carbon sequestration, reduced noise pollution, reduced pavement maintenance needs, and cooler cars in shaded parking lots.
Information: To view all the information contained in the tables listed below as a single Excel file, click here: File:Tree species table.xlsx
  • General information: table containing the following information for a list of trees
    • native or non-native
    • street tree or landscape only
    • deciduous, coniferous, or deciduous coniferous
    • sun requirements
    • position in forest structure (e.g. understory, etc.)
    • relative growth rate to maturity
  • Morphology: table summarizing tree height, canopy diameter, relative tree size, and relative growth rate
  • Tolerance to stresses: table providing the following information
    • Minimum zone hardiness
    • Tolerance to urban stresses
    • Tolerance to soil texture conditions
    • Salt tolerance
    • Stress tolerance
  • pH and mositure ranges: table providing information on acceptable pH and moisture ranges for different tree species
  • Tolerance to inundation: table providing information on tree tolerance to inundation with water. Note that information exists for a limited number of tree species.
  • Additional benefits of trees: table providing a list of non-stormwater benefits for several tree species
  • Notes: table providing additional information for select species, such as susceptibility to specific stresses, preferred choice of cultivar, etc.
  • Suitable for CU structural soil: table providing a list of tree species suitable for use with Cornell University (CU) structural soil

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