Median pollutant removal of bacteria by stormwater treatment practices. Values represent percentage of incoming pollutant load that is removed. Source: Minnesota Stormwater Manual. Manual data was based on information from ASCE/EPA International Database; Winer (2000)
BMP group Bacteriaa>
Bioretentionb 35
Filtrationc 35
Infiltrationd 100
Stormwater ponds 70
Stormwater wetlands 75

aBacteria data include fecal streptococci, fecal coliform, E. coli, and total coliform
bData based on fewer than five monitoring studies
cExcludes vertical sand filters and filter strips
dNote that 100% is assumed for all infiltration, but only for that portion of the flow fully treated in the infiltration facility; by-passed runoff does not receive any treatment.

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