Construction and Maintenance Costs

These curves are excellent for purposes of comparison; however, it is recommended that construction and maintenance budgets should be based on site specific information. Utilizing the table below and the cost estimation worksheet, will allow designers to more accurately estimate the cost of a filtration BMP.

Cost components for filtration practices.
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Implementation Stage Primary Cost Components Basic Cost Estimate Other Considerations
Site Preparation Tree & plant protection Protection Cost ($/acre) x Affected Area (acre) Removal of existing structures, topsoil removal and stockpiling
Topsoil salvage Salvage cost ($/acre) x Affected Area (acre)
Clearing & grubbing Clearing Cost ($/acre) x Affected Area (acre)
Site Formation Excavation / grading X-ft Depth Excavation Cost ($/acre) x Area (acre) Soil & rock fill Hauling material material, tunneling
Hauling material offsite Excavation Cost x (% of Material to be hauled away)
Structural Components Under-drains Under-drain cost ($/lineal foot) x length of device Pipes, catchbasins, manholes, valves, vaults
Vault structure (for media filters) ($/structure)
Media (for media filters) Media cost ($/cubic yard) X filter volume (cubic yard)
Inlet structure (for vegetative filters ($/structure)
Outlet structure (for vegetative filters) ($/structure)
Site Restoration Filter strip Sod cost ($/square foot) x filter strip area Tree protection, soil amendments, seed bed preparation, trails
Soil preparation Topsoil or amendment cost ($/acre) x Area (acre)
Seeding Seeding Cost ($/acre) x Seeded Area (acre)
Planting / transplanting Planting Cost ($/acre) x Planted Area (acre)
Annual Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection Debris removal Removal Cost ($/acre) x Area (acre) x Frequency (2x / 1yr) Vegetation maintenance, cleaning of structures
Sediment removal Removal Cost ($/acre) x Area (acre) x Frequency (1x / 5yr)
Gate / valve operation Operation Cost ($) x Operation Frequency (2x / 1 yr)
Inspection Inspection Cost ($) x Inspection Frequency (6x / 1 yr)
Mowing (for some vegetative filters) Mowing Cost ($) x Mowing Frequency (4x / 1 yr)

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