Green roof maintenance inspection checklist
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Inspector name:
Date of inspection: :
Project information (fill this in prior to inspection)
Property address: Owner contact information
Maintenance Contractor name: Permit # if applicable
Maintenance Contractor phone #: Date of green roof installation substantial completion:
Type of irrigation system: overhead, drip, other? Irrigation immediately prior to inspection:
  • Amount:
  • Frequency and duration:
  • Other notes:
Growing conditions during inspection
Air temperature
Soil moisture (e.g. wet, dry)
Sunny or cloudy
Date of last rainfall
Have action items from last inspection been addressed?
Current condition compared to project requirements
Item inspected Project requirement Current condition Notes Action needed and deadline
Percent cover of healthy acceptable plant species
Diversity (number) of acceptable species
Percent cover of weeds - list species in notes
Dominant species – note all species 5% cover or more
Species scientific name Percent cover Notes

Signs of plant stress:
Sign of plant stress observed Species in which it was observed % cover of plants showing signs of stress Notes: potential cause of stress, other observations (e.g. radiation from adjacent glass curtain windows, inadequate nutrient or water levels, heat, wind, pests, disease)

Signs of plant stress: Yes No
Is it necessary to cut dried vegetation or remove thatch (i.e. is dried vegetation or thatch so thick that it is negatively affecting roof vegetation health)?
Additional vegetation notes or action items:
Item inspected Y/N Notes – e.g. what appears to be causing problems? Description of problems Action needed and deadline
Gullies or other signs of erosion or sedimentation observed?
Evidence of wind scour?
Ponding or soggy spots observed?
Clogged, misaligned, or ineffective drains
Draw areas where problems were observed on attached as-built plan sheet
Media texture and thickness observed:
Media texture and thickness observed:
Additional soil needed?
Soil test performed for nutrient content in past 12 months? Yes No
If yes, attach results, if not, perform soil test
Based on soil test results and condition of vegetation, is fertilization needed? Yes No
At representative locations, excavate to the depth of the separation fabric and observe the root-zone conditions:
  1. Depth of roots
  2. Density of roots throughout the profile
  3. Penetration of the separation fabric by roots
  4. Development of surface thatch of stems
Show representative locations and observations on as-built plan sheet and attach to this checklist
Do any broken drip or supply lines, or any other irrigation components need repair?
Is there evidence of uneven irrigation levels, such as desiccated (dried-out)media or marshy (water saturated) conditions? If so, note on as-built plan.
Does irrigation regime need to be adjusted?

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