Follow the steps below to save a copy of your MS4 Annual Report as a PDF:


Click the print button under the instructions. This will open a new page with all of your answers on one screen.


Click print as if you were printing the document on paper. The print option may be in a different location than in this image, depending on your browser. You may find it under the "File" option in a toolbar on the top left corner of your screen.


The display box will show your default printer


Click the drop-down menu for printer name, and scroll to "Send to OneNote".


Click "OK" on the printer dialogue


Microsoft OneNote will open and ask where you want to insert the file. Unless you would like to put it somewhere other than the default, click "OK". You will be saving this as another file in the following steps, so it does not really matter where you store this temporarily.


Navigate to the file bar in the upper left, then to "save as" to save the current page as a PDF.


Finally, choose the folder where you want to save your final PDF version, and click "save".

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