The MPCA reissued the MS4 General Permit (MNR040000) on November 16, 2020. The final permit and response to comments document is available at:

MS4 Permit Part 2 Application

Existing MS4 permittees (i.e., permittees that are currently covered under the 2013 MS4 General Permit) are required to complete and submit the following application forms to the MPCA by April 15, 2021:

1. MS4 Permit Part 2 Application:

2. MS4 Permit TMDL Application:

MS4 Permit Part 2 Application form - Quick Overview Video

This video provides a quick overview of the application form, including what to expect and how to prepare before filling out the MS4 Permit Part 2 Application form.

Guidance materials for new permit requirements

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