Media filter system - operation and maintenance checklist.
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Site Status:
Maintenance Item Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Comments
1. Debris Cleanout (Monthly)
Contributing areas clean of litter and vegetative debris
Filtration facility clean
Inlet and outlets clear
2. Oil and Grease (Monthly)
No evidence of filter surface clogging
Activities in drainage area minimize oil and grease entry
3. Vegetation (Monthly)
Contributing drainage area stabilized
Undesirable vegetation removed
No evidence of erosion
Area mowed and clipping removed
4. Sediment Traps and Forebays (Monthly)
Water holding chambers at normal pool
No evidence of leakage
Obviously trapping sediment
Greater than 50% storage volume remaining
5. Sediment Deposition (Annual)
Filter chamber free of sediments
Contributing drainage area stabilized and free of erosion
6. Structural Components (Annual)
No evidence of structural deterioration
Any grates are in good condition
No evidence of spalling or cracking of structural parts
7. Outlet/Overflow Spillway (Annual)
Good condition, no need for repairs
No evidence of erosion (if draining into a natural channel)
No evidence of blockages
8. Overall Function of Facility (Annual)
Evidence of flow bypassing facility
No noticeable odors outside of facility
Actions to be taken:

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