Other water quality devices - pollutant removal information
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Device Primary mechanism Secondary mechanism Other mechanism Proprietray/nonproprietray Above ground/below grade Pollutants removed
SNOUT Screening/Straining Buoyancy/Skimming Proprietary Underground Floatables, trash, oil [1]
Prinsco Preserver Skimmer Skimming na na Proprietary Below ground Floatables, trash, oil
Eliminator Screening/Straining Buoyancy/Skimming Filtration Proprietary Underground Floatables, trash, oil [2]
Floatable boom Buoyancy/Skimming Proprietary/Nonproprietary Water surface Oil, trash and debris, turbidity [3]
Hood Buoyancy/Skimming Nonproprietary Underground Floatables, trash, oil

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