Pollutant concentrations and removals for iron enhanced filters.
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Practice TSS Out (mg/L) TSS removal (%) TP Out (mg/L) TP removal (%) Phosphate Out (mg/L) Phosphate removal (%)
I-E SFB1 ND3 ND ND ND 0.015 70
I-E SB2 2 92 0.025 71 0.010 50

1 Parallel iron-enhanced sand filter benches in a wet pond. Values are from an average of two parallel 7.2% and 10.7% iron by weight iron-enhanced sand benches reported by Erickson et al. (2010, 2012). Averages are from a total of five storms monitored from July through September 2010. Values reported as below the detection limit were set equal to one-half the detection limit when calculating average phosphorus at the outlet and percent removals.
2 Iron-enhanced sand filter basin. Values are from an average of 19, 19, and 11 (for TP, TSS, and phosphate, respectively) storm events monitored from April through September 2010. For phosphate, only storms with above detection limit data at the inlet were used to calculate removals. Phosphate data below detection limits at the outlet were set equal to one-half the detection limit (0.01 mg/L) when calculating an average and removal rates. Data were collected by the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District and reported by Barr Engineering Company, December, 2010.
3 ND is "not determined"

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