Practices for controlling pollutants in stormwater runoff
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Practice Category Best Management Practice
Pollution Prevention and Public Education MIDS Ordinance
Pet Waste Ordinance
Fertilizer Ordinance
Tree Ordinance
Source Controls Sweeping
Construction Erosion and Sediment Control
Chemical storage
Salt management
Storm sewer / outfall maintenance
Infiltrators Bioinfiltration / rain garden
Infiltration basin
Infiltration trench
Permeable pavement
Tree trench / tree box
Underground infiltration
Swales and Strips Dry swale
Filter strip / grass buffer
Grass channel
Level spreader
Wet swale
Filters Biofiltration
Media filter
Green roof
Surface sand filter
Perimeter sand filter
Underground sand filter
Enhanced sand filter
Permeable pavement w/underdrain
Constructed Basins Pond forebay
Wet detention pond
Stormwater wetland
Dry pond
Manufactured Devices Catch basin inlets
Grit chambers
Hydrodynamic separators
SAFL Baffle
Oil / water separators
Sump manhole / catch basin
Storage, Harvesting and Reuse Irrigation
Municipal uses
In-building uses
Industrial uses

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