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MS4 Accelerated Implementation

The goal of the MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) Accelerated Implementation project is to provide technical assistance to MS4s to help build sustainable and effective local stormwater management programs.

Meeting the goal of this project means that

  • staff are informed and empowered – people have the knowledge and resources to implement their program;
  • staff think about accountability of program outcomes – people set goals for their program, review successes and failures, and modify programs as needed; and
  • staff have the ability to leverage partnerships and others’ knowledge – no need to recreate the wheel.

Stormwater stakeholder survey

In the fall of 2017, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) solicited input to identify technical assistance and outreach needs of the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) regulated community. The MPCA conducted an electronic survey of representatives from the MS4 regulated community, including municipal program managers, consultants, and staff involved in implementing local stormwater pollution prevention programs (SWPPPs). The full results can be found on the 2017 MS4 Technical Assistance and Outreach Needs Survey Results page.

The following are highlights of the survey results:

  • MS4s need help implementing all parts of their stormwater programs
  • Most respondents indicated wanting assistance with TMDLs and assistance with MCM 5 or Post-Construction Stormwater Management
  • Specific types of guidance wanted includes the following:
    • Modules for employee training
    • Pond assessment procedures
    • Enforcement response procedures and issuing enforcement
  • Local MS4 staff would like to receive technical assistance via fact sheets or webinars

Completed accelerated implementation projects

Fact sheets and other guidance materials were created and can be found throughout the Stormwater Manual and the links below.

In progress accelerated implementation projects

  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) toolkit update: A collection of resources for use by stormwater program staff. It is intended to help entities regulated under the MS4 program meet the requirements of the general permit. It offers a wide range of downloadable stormwater education information including sample fact sheets, newsletters, videos, and other resources.
  • Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) are EPA approved amounts of pollutant loading that can occur and have a water body meet water quality standards. Follow this link to learn more about them along with guidance and resources to help the MS4 community evaluate progress towards meeting TMDL goals. Examples of materials include:
    • Modeling guidance
    • Monitoring strategies
    • Updates and enhancements to existing pollutant reduction estimator tools
  • Developing a model ordinance package
    • For MCM 4 (Construction stormwater runoff control) and MCM 5 (Post-construction stormwater management)
  • Creating pond assessment guidance
    • Provides methodology for determining treatment effectiveness
  • Developing green infrastructure framework in the Stormwater manual
    • Includes strategies for implementing green infrastructure at the local level
  • Developing a model pet waste ordinance
  • Continuing to develop case studies - There are Case studies that have already been created and the MPCA is working to develop more case studies on a variety of stormwater topics. These allow regulated MS4s to learn about successes and failures experienced by other MS4s in managing stormwater projects.

Future accelerated implementation projects

  • Continue research
    • Establish pollutant load reduction credits for street sweeping
    • Explore starting a stormwater protection team
    • Explore providing limited funding opportunities
    • Creating a recognition program
  • Sponsor/facilitate MS4 workshops
  • Continue
    • to create materials and webinars that are based on the feedback we received in the survey,
    • on-going management of Digital Document Library (DDL),
    • engaging with stakeholders,
    • promoting materials that are developed.

Other MPCA MS4 technical assistance pages

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