Typical maintenance activities for infiltration trenches and infiltration basins.
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Activity Schedule
Replace pea gravel/topsoil and top surface filter fabric (when clogged). As needed

Ensure that contributing area, practice and inlets are clear of debris.

Ensure that the contributing area is stabilized.

Remove sediment and oil/grease from pre-treatment devices, as well as overflow structures.

Mow grass filter strips should be mowed as necessary. Remove grass clippings.

Repair undercut and eroded areas at inflow and outflow structures
Inspect pre-treatment devices and diversion structures for sediment build-up and structural damage. Remove trees that start to grow in the vicinity of the trench. Semi-annual Inspection
Disc or otherwise aerate basin bottom. De-thatch basin bottom. Annually
Scrape basin bottom and remove sediment. Restore original crosssection and infiltration rate. Seed or sod to restore ground cover. Every 5 years
Perform total rehabilitation of the trench to maintain design storage capacity. Excavate trench walls to expose clean soil Upon Failure

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