Typical maintenance problems for infiltration trenches and basins.
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Problem Practices Applied To Comments
Clogging, sediment deposition Both Key issue for infiltration practice. Requires vigilant inspection and maintenance.
Surface Vegetation Both Often important to maintain vigorous growth at the base of infiltration practices (basins). Important to restrict woody vegetation from the surface of infiltration trenches.
Erosion of contributing land or in channels leading to practice Both In these practices, it is important to monitor not only the practice itself, but also upland infiltration to minimize the sediment load.
Damage to filter fabric Trench Infrequent but important maintenance concern.
Scouring at Inlet Both Similar issues to Ponds. Need to promote non-erosive flows that are evenly distributed
Access Issues Both Similar issues to Ponds. Need access for inspection and maintenance.
Concrete Failure Basins, if they include a riser structure Similar issues to ponds and wetlands.
Problems with the Embankment Basins Similar issues to dry ponds.

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