Unit processes of stormwater treatment techniques (Adapted from WEF, 2008)
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Control Infiltration basin Infiltration trench Bioinfiltration Permeable pavement Tree box/tree trench Enhanced turf
Peak flow attenuation X X X X
Runoff volume reduction X X X X X
Infiltration X X X X X X
Evapotranspiration X X
Runoff collection and usage X1 X1
Sedimentation X X X
Flotation X X
Laminar separation
Swirl concentration
Sorption X X X X
Precipitation X X X X
Coagulation X X X X
Filtration X
Plant metabolism X X X
Nitrification/denitrification X X X
Organic compound degradation X X X X
Pathogen die off X X X
Temperature reduction X X X X
Disinfection X X X X

1 If underdrain is present

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