screen shot of simple estimator
Screen shot of Section 1 of the Estimator.

The MPCA Estimator spreadsheet presents a calculator approach to computing pollutant loading and the pollutant load reduction for total phosphorus (TP) and total suspended solids (TSS)(Note: the Estimator may not be used for any other pollutants). For MS4 permittees reporting on TMDL wasteload allocations (WLAs), results from the Estimator can be used in the Cumulative reductions tab of the Annual Report form. The Estimator applies load reductions to specific structural stormwater BMPs but can be used to estimate reductions associated with other BMPs such as street sweeping, impervious surface disconnection, and changes in land use. It is a simplistic tool and should not be used for modeling a stormwater system or selecting BMPs.

This page provides links to pages that provide information related to the MPCA Simple Estimator

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