Potential sources of organic matter and carbon and BMPs/Activities that could be included in your compliance schedule to address dissolved oxygen/oxygen demand applicable WLAs
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General Category Source BMP/Activity
MS4 Infrastructure Decaying plant matter, litter, and sediment in the storm drain system Enhance street sweeping program
Remove leaf litter and soil in street and gutters (e.g. implement an Adopt-a-storm drain program). Educate property owners on proper yard waste management
Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces Implement source, rate, volume controls (i.e. adopt minimal impact design standards (MIDS) for new, redevelopment, and linear projects)
Minimize impervious surfaces
Implement filtration practices, infiltration practices, and sedimentation practices
Domestic pets Dogs, cats, dog parks, walking trails, residential yard and sidewalk runoff (spring runoff after winter accumulation) Install pet waste disposal stations along trails, in dog parks, etc
Pass and enforce pet waste ordinances and educate pet owners about them
Add infiltration BMPs downstream of parks/residential areas and upstream of stormwater pipes (i.e., somewhere between the park/residential area and the stormwater outfall to intercept and infiltrate some or all of the flow from these areas)
Residential sources See this section
Industrial and commercial practices See this section

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