schematic of sediment removal
Pollutant spectrum and treatment ranges by pretreatment, structural stormwater BMP, and structural stormwater BMP with advanced treatment (image courtesy: A. Erickson, R. Bintner, J. Gulliver, and RESPEC). Click on image to enlarge.

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Pretreatment reduces maintenance and prolongs the lifespan of structural stormwater BMPs by removing trash, debris, organic materials, coarse sediments, and associated pollutants prior to entering structural stormwater BMPs. Implementing pretreatment devices also improves aesthetics by capturing debris in focused or hidden areas. Pretreatment devices are installed immediately preceding one or more structural stormwater BMPs and are designed with consideration of the flow network and the downstream structural stormwater BMP characteristics. Pretreatment practices do not include practices designed to permanently treat a specific Water Quality Volume, nor do they include source control and pollution prevention practices, such as street sweeping.

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