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To download the calculator, link here. To see changes from Version 3, link here. Note that Version 3 files cannot be used in Version 4 but you can have Versions 3 and 4 loaded on your computer at the same time.
Article in Land and Water Magazine. Minimal Impact Development Standards: A New Cutting Edge in Stormwater Management (September-October, 2016 issue).

This page provides links to pages that address the Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS).

If you mouse hover over most of the page titles below, you will see a short description of what is found on that page.

  1. Overview of Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS)
  2. Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) workgroup
  3. Performance goals for new development, re-development and linear projects
  4. Design Sequence Flowchart-Flexible treatment options
    1. Design sequence flow chart
  5. Community Assistance Package
  6. MIDS calculator
    1. Calculator - link to the MIDS calculator
    2. User’s Guide
    3. Links to Manual pages that address the MIDS calculator|Requirements, recommendations and information for using specific BMPs in the MIDS calculator
    4. MIDS calculator sample exercises
    5. MIDS calculator comparisons Comparison of MIDS calculator, EPA calculator, P8, and WinSLAMM
    6. Summary of changes in Version 4 Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) Calculator
      1. If you are interested in changes from Version2 to Version 3, link here
    7. Exercises from MIDS calculator workshops
    8. Things to look for when reviewing MIDS calculator files and submissions
    9. Adjusting dissolved and particulate phosphorus ratios in the MIDS Calculator
  7. MS4 and TMDLs
    1. Recommendations and guidance for utilizing the MIDS calculator to meet TMDL permit requirements
    2. Case study for using the MIDS calculator to meet TMDL permit requirements
  8. Performance curves for MIDS calculator
  9. Training and workshop materials and modules
  10. Technical documents
  11. MIDS calculator videos
  12. MIDS calculator tips and information for maximizing volume retention

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